“Do good and good will follow you.”

Support & Donations

Thank you for your generosity this year! Your support helped us to develop 28 new critical resources, fund the new development project at the Bachajón Mission in Chiapas, Mexico, and expanded market access to 12 new communities who will be purchasing the organic products from the Tseltal cooperatives. 

This is only our first year as OneHome Collective, and we have only been in Mexico for 6 MONTHS and the 1HC community has already been making an enormous impact!

Thank you!

Ways to support our community

Financial Support 

Monthly on Patreon

Donations on our Patreon page a simple so you can help us with a small amount each month! You will receive a variety of perks for being a monthly member.

One-Time Donations on our GoFundMe

Our GFM page makes it easy to give a single donation online in minutes!


Community Support

Be a Sister Community

We have a Sister Community Program that seeks to develop a friendship and partnership between our communities. There are three simple steps to being a Sister Community:

1. Your community begins with a small monthly order of the organic products (coffee, honey, and/or soaps) from Yomol A’tel – the Tseltal-Maya cooperative in Chiapas, Mexico.

2. You choose one of the community projects to adopt or accompany with various resources.

3. Your community schedules a small group visit to meet the community and work directly with your project.

Please contact Leigh if you are interested in being a Sister Community at bechange@onehomecollective.org.

Traditional Donations

If you prefer the more traditional route of mailing a check, we have a wonderful partner in the IberoAmericana University Foundation. They can receive both online or traditional donations that will go directly to the Mission of Bachajón in Chiapas, Mexico.

Make out the check to IberoAmericana Foundation and in the Memo line write: Bachajón Mission/1HC Development.

Mail it to P.O. Box 532233, San Diego, CA 92153-2233 – Then just send us an email with where you want your donation to go, we will be sure it gets there!