“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

                          ~Mahatma Gandhi

Our ultimate focus at 1HC is to build bridges between communities so we can work together towards common goals. While it sounds simple, navigating relationships across cultures with different ways of being and different cosmovisions is a worthy challenge.

1HC is currently developing relationships with communities of coffee producers in regions across the coffee belt, and establishing communities of socially conscious roasters and coffee consumers as part of our TOGETHER Initiative. 

Please feel free to explore the different ways you can participate in our work below. We always welcome new friends and are excited to collborate with you!

The TOGETHER Initiative

25 million smallholder coffee farmers produce 80% of the world’s coffee. 44% of those farmers are kept in a cycle of poverty by a trade system that exploits their work and resources.

TOGETHER builds solidarity relationships along the entire coffee supply chain to strengthen a new and more just coffee industry.

We work with cooperatieves of coffee producers, roasters, importers, cafes, schools, communities, and coffee lovers around the globe.

Sustainable & Organic Products

Through our partnerships with the Yomol A’tel Cooperative and Innisor International, we have access to individual orders and wholesale accounts for the products from our friends in the Tseltal-Maya community in Chiapas! These products include artisanal organic single-origin coffee, organic sustainable honey, organic handmade soaps, and handmade embroidery. 

Check out our Market for sustainable products and goods availble through our partners and local friends!

Solidarity Education Initiative

Our Founder and Director, Leigh Holbrook, has a love of teaching and collborating with young people – empowering them to create a better world. Common Grounds is an education initiative that uses coffee as a starting point for learning global issues of social justice and human rights. It centers learning around collaboration on real world problems, developing cross-cultural relationships, solidarity economics, and the exploration of alternative models for justice and sustainability.  We collaborate with High Schools, Universities, and Homeschool Cooperatives to design a project based curriculum for each community.

The ‘Good Life’ Project

The Tseltal-Maya worldview of lequil cuxlejalil (good life) for the entire community is their collective goal.

Many of the communities we collborate with are facing significant political and economic tensions and transitions – historical and critical tipping points that can lead either to the path of agency and autonomy, or the systematic dismantling of their culture and the continued cycle of poverty.

This collection of photography seeks to explore the resilience, beauty, and ingenuity of these communities – to highlight all that perseveres and what we can learn from their journeys.