Sustinable Organic Products & Solidarity Businesses

A lack of market access is one of the biggest challenges to producers in developing regions. 

We have relationships with cooperatives who have created socially conscious brands of specialty organic coffee, organic honey, soaps, and textiles. We work together as an international community to increase direct global market access for their products which provides fair wages to the famers and roasters and increases economic stability in Chiapas, Mexico.

Our Businesses

Inissor International and our friend, Christina Rossini, is our source of magic when it comes to importing our products into the US market. Her company is focused on connecting socially conscious brands to new international markets. 

Yomol A’tel

Yomol A’tel is a group of solidarity economy companies formed by Tseltal indigenous families of Chiapas and collaborators who, together, work for social justice and the defense of their territory generating social ownership and business efficiency.

Yomol A’tel is means in Spanish “together we work, together we walk, together we dream”. It is a way of understanding work from the community worldview. In the center of Yomol A’tel is the person, for whom the capital is subordinated to his work.

Capeltic, nuestro café

At Capeltic, we think about our role in promoting the alternative model of solidarity economy, through the sale of products and a high quality service that promotes the defense of the rights of indigenous communities ( human rights , territory and culture) and collective rights. urban in the cooperative spirit. Our efforts are focused on modifying the correlation of forces currently found against the Tseltal families and the people in urban contexts with which we work. We dream of building alternative channels of direct commerce in which the social property of the entire economic cycle is ensured.

Chabtic, nuestra miel

Honey marketing company with sales nationwide in different presentations. As a School of Honey, it has a capacity-building approach in producers for the transformation and marketing of honey.

Xapontic, nuestro jabón

We are the fruit of the work and organization of Tseltal women, originally from 5 communities located in the North Jungle of Chiapas, a place where the spirit of the heart and nature still resist time; We work as producers in the production of handmade soaps and a natural line of skin care, which are made with natural ingredients, for your personal care and that of our common home .