A Philosophy of Change.


We live in a culture that has a heavy focus on consumption of goods. The relationship of consumption promotes a one-way dynamic. Sure, there’s typically a monetary exchange for the consumable good, but what happens beyond that exchange? When we participate, we change to a mindset and dynamic of mutual exchange – the good of both parties. What does it look like to participate in an economy instead of simply consume?


Whether it’s in our local community or across borders, we want to develop relationships and friendships. When we see people first and challenges to solve second, we can develop collaborative relationships through which we can work together and learn together. Together, we can tackle global issues and see real, lasting change.


Building Bridges instead of barriers between communities and across borders is imperative to creating opportunities for change. We live in a unique time in which technology allows us to connect across the globe in ways we couldn’t previously. We have opportunities to get to know and learn from people almost anywhere in the world – so let’s get to work building bridges!

HOW WE DO IT (Full Disclosure)

We get a lot of questions about what OneHome Collective does. In lieu of a single sentence or bold statement, we offer the following story as a means for understanding the collaborative and improvised nature of our learning and work at 1HC. Stories are far more than simple recollections of some past event. They are, perhaps, the most ancient form of human technology; tools that enable us to make sense of our experience. Through stories, we come to know who we are in the world. They are in and of themselves, a way of knowing and a form and expression of knowledge. With that said, let us get to telling a story that best captures the gist of what we do at OneHome Collective.          

Aiden Downey (1HC Resident Storyteller)

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