Learn.        Connect.       Live.

We unite communities across cultures to collaborate on solutions that transform the systems in our world that perpetuate poverty.

We believe that learning to better understand ourselves, each other, and how to reshape the systems in which we live allows us to create a more just and sustainable world. This is work in which all of us must participate because the more people who see our differences as strengths for collaboration, the more likely we are to be able to create a more just world!

Our current project is with the Tseltal-Maya community in the jungles of southern Mexico, but we also consult with small organizations focused on projects in social fabric reconstruction and human rights.

A Philosophy of Change.


We live in a culture that has a heavy focus on consumption of goods. The relationship of consumption promotes a one-way dynamic. Sure, there’s typically a monetary exchange for the consumable good, but what happens beyond that exchange? When we participate, we change to a mindset and dynamic of mutual exchange – the good of both parties. What does it look like to participate in an economy instead of simply consume?


Whether it’s in our local community or across borders, we want to develop relationships and friendships. When we see people first and challenges to solve second, we can develop collaborative relationships through which we can work together and learn together. Together, we can tackle global issues and see real, lasting change.


Building bridges instead of barriers between communities and across borders is imperative to creating opportunities for change. We live in a unique time in which technology allows us to connect across the globe in ways we couldn’t previously. We have opportunities to get to know and learn from people almost anywhere in the world – so let’s get to work building bridges!