The TOGETHER initiative is a collection of programs that engages the wider community, offering a point of participation for everyone. Through these programs we create market access for our producers, teach our community a better way to buy coffee, and create new ways to build a more fair and just system of trade.

Common Grounds Children Icon

Common Grounds

Grounds Common Grounds (CG) is our version of the traditional school fundraiser. Through annual sales of our coffee from Chiapas, we engage our CG students and their local communities in the story of sustainable coffee, and our power to transform trade relationships through conscious capitalism.

Community Partnerships

Community Partners

Our Community Partners (CP) are a collection of schools, religious communities, small businesses, and even neighborhood groups! Through engagement in our coffee subscription model, our CPs encourage their local community to engage in buying from economic alternatives while supporting local solidarity and justice work through our profit-share program.

Stakeholder Partners

Stakeholder Partners

Our Stakeholder Partners are universities located around the world. Through research, faculty and student field placements, and other collaborations – we navigate the challenges of building alternative economies, sustainably combatting poverty and forced migration, and traversing the landscape of global policy change.