OneHome Collective exists with the primary goal of connecting indigneous communities in Mexico with resources for justice and fostering cross cultural collaboration.

Our current projects concentrate on social fabric reconstruction with indigenous communities; focusing on economic stability, security and peacebuilding, agency, access, and intercultural education.


What we do:

Our partnerships with indignous communities and organizations help develop the needed tools and resources, impact evaluations, and field research in collborative methodologies for social impact.

Many of our indigenous partners have established cooperatives and solidarity businesses for their products to build economic stability in their regions. Learn more about where to buy their products and participate in Conscious Capitalism!

There is much to learn in social justice, human rights, and global solidarity! 1HC has developed a curriculum in topics of Social Justice, and we are available for workshops and other opportunities to share our experiences with you.

Knowing the life and story of others is the key to solidarity and collaboration. The GLP is our collection of photos, videos, and stories from ALL of our communities (indigenous and non-indigenous). 

                                                               The ‘Good Life’ Gallery