Our primary goal is to support the growth and development of economic alternatives that promote justice and equity.

We envision a world where our systems of production and trade are based in equitable and collaborative relationships that promote peace, justice, and inclusion.


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Organic Sustainable Products

We have partnered with producer cooperatives and solidarity businesses creating economic alternatives that promote market access, equity, and sustainability. Check out their products in the OneHome Market!

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Community Relationships

Building bridges across communities, cultures, and borders is part of our philosophy of change at 1HC. Working TOGETHER, we will create a more beautiful global family.

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Solidarity Education

Yomol A’tel is a Tseltal phrase that means, “together we work, walk, and dream.” As we dream together of the world we are creating, we partner with a variety of learning communities to create unique experiential curriculi for students across the globe. 

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The ‘Good Life’ Project

Our stories are the cornerstones of the relationships and collaborations we are creating. The GLP is a collection of photographs, videos, and written stories from across our global community.

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